Leonardo da Vinci projects
GAMIFICATION Engaging Adult Learners with Games and Gamification
E-Tutoring Tools and web resources for study and career
LAWN Language for Work Training Network
Talk-IT Talk Information Technology
T & T Telework and Training: Work at Distance to Teach at Distance
HeLPS Transfer Helps for High Education and High School
LLFW Learning Language for Work
Know How Learning to Learn: Transferring knowledge from life into knowledge for training and work
eTalents Digital content for eSkills in tourism
B3 Virtual community for creating skills in support of SMEs to the market context driven by Basel 2
Net Trainers II Dissemination and further development of the Net-Trainers Training in Europe
eGuide A Quality Assurance Framework and related Model of Web Based Assessments for the Guidance of Disadvantaged Job Seekers into Initial Vocational Training
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