It is an online course to acquire skills EUROPEAN:

* Tutor online
* Created online courses;
* Manager of online courses.

The course applies only to the modern concept of learning "learning-by-doing" and does not require memorization of theoretical information.

The course is retraining.


Duration: 160 hours online (distance).

Course contents:

The course is divided into five modules.  Each module contains a number of sections.

Module 1: Getting Started

It is a point during which the students how they know each other and know their tutors.Establish contract education and familiarity with the learning environment.

Module 2: Concepts and Challenges

The module focuses on social, economic and cultural aspects of online education in Europe, but also on pedagogical paradigms involved in distance education and online.Includes structure and development of online curriculum.

The module deals with all aspects of coaching skills. These include the definition of a process of study, recording student progress, organization of joint activities, using different means of communication, maintaining motivation, mentoring students with special needs, problem solving learning and assessment activities.

Module 3 can be performed Europath system, ie in a foreign language, the fee required by the organization that takes in that language.

Module 4: Creating teaching materials

The module aims to develop skills for designing learning environments, creating educational materials and implement effective communication with the technicians. The module also deals with issues of accessibility.

Module 5: Developing a project

Modulul pregăteşte participanţii pentru implementarea proiectelor lor de învăţământ online. Ia în considerare necesităţile tehnice, financiare, comerciale şi de resurse umane. De asemenea, contribuie la dezvoltarea abilităţilor de management ale unui proiect.






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